Penultima tranche del tag #100HappyDays. Sono contenta di essere arrivata fino a qui e soprattutto di aver trovato così tante cose diverse da condividere.. Tutto sommato non ho una vita così piatta e triste come credevo! :D
Vi ricordo che io il tag lo faccio su Instagram:


{Day 61 of #100HappyDays} A day on the road.

{Day 62 of #100HappyDays} Preparing for #SCHF14! Can’t wait!

{Day 63 of #100HappyDays} #SCHF14

{Day 64 of #100HappyDays} Hello, friday night, I was waiting for u.

{Day 65 of #100HappyDays} Theatre night!

{Day 66 of #100HappyDays} Bad photo, lovely friend. <3

{Day 67 of #100HappyDays} Sweet sweet way. <3

{Day 68 of #100HappyDays} New #makeup #brushes I received as press sample.

{Day 69 of #100HappyDays} Sweet surprise on my desk. <3

{Day 70 of #100HappyDays} Girls time!

{Day 71 of #100HappyDays} Days are longer and smell like spring.

{Day 72 of #100HappyDays} Birthday party for a dear friend.

{Day 73 of #100HappyDays} Working on a new idea.

{Day 74 of #100HappyDays} Enjoying my new hair color in the sun.

{Day 75 of #100HappyDays} Gettin’ in the right mood!

{Day 76 of #100HappyDays} Tell a friend about your good news, he’ll bake you a pie!

{Day 77 of #100HappyDays} Tshirt and sweatshirt, ready for my country night.

{Day 78 of #100HappyDays} Spending day 78 preparing for day 79!

{Day 79 of #100HappyDays} #cosmoprof2014 <3

{Day 80 of #100HappyDays} Going out with your friend and forgetting to wear earrings » Buying these beauties in the first store you find.

Alla prossima e ultima tranche! <3